Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Introducing PintBite, an android app for

While on holiday a few months back - in Yorkshire, somewhere not too familiar to Southerners - I was looking for decent pubs to visit.  I've used the excellent beerintheevening site on a desktop for many years for just this sort of thing. With only a smartphone with me, though, I found the task considerably harder; the site's not particularly friendly on a small screen.

An app was required.

I'd wanted to have a play with some of the new design paradigms introduced by Google at I/O, so this seemed a good way to combine the two.  Hence PintBite was born!  I've aimed to follow Google's Material Design principles and platform conventions as closely as possible, to make an app that feels at home on Android Lollipop (but works nicely on older versions, too).

Oh, and along the way, have tried to create a slick, user friendly way to find great beer...

I'll aim to blog about some of the more interesting parts of the app over the next few weeks. But in the meantime - or if you're not interested in the nerd part, and just want to find a pub (understandable) - you can grab the app here:

PintBite on Google Play

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